Suspension Concentrates

Suspension concentrates (or flowables as they are also known as) are stable suspensions of very small insecticide, fungicide or herbicide particles in a fluid. Suspension Concentrates are a popular method of dispersion due to their general ease of pouring and measuring and in the case of dispersions in water (which is the norm), because of their safety for the environment and the operator. Suspension Concentrates are produced by premixing the active ingredient with the wetting agent and dispersal agent. This formula then goes through a wet grinding process. The disadvantage of SCs is their propensity to settle in storage so the formulation goes through one more process to add anti-settling properties to ensure longevity of shelf life.

FS – Flowable concentrate for seed treatment

Often a coloured suspension concentrates with very narrow and smaller particle distribution and size.

Effective seed treatment is the corner stone for high crop yield. Flowable fungicide formulations inhibit the growth of fungal pathogens and also wind-borne pathogens when the crop is at its vulnerable seedling stage.  Insecticide treatments kill the insects that bite or suck the seeds without endangering species such as ladybirds and bees. The seed treatment flowable concentrates contain no solvents and as they are water-based fungicide and insecticide formulations can be mixed for single treatments.