Emulsifiable Concentrates

A formulation of an active ingredient, organic solvents and surfactants. When the solution is mixed with water it forms a milky emulsion which sprays and spreads evenly, making it particularly useful for crop pest control applications. They tend to have good chemical stability and high biological activity. For the end user they are easy to measure and pour.

Emulsifiable Concentrate & ULVs

ULV formulations are liquid, usually oil-based formulations applied undiluted through specialist equipment. Application can be by aerial or ground equipment where it is necessary to spray large areas rapidly with minimum volumes. The formulation technique was originally developed for mosquito and locust control but has subsequently been applied in such areas as public health, forestry and agriculture.

ULV formulations are usually based on non-aqueous liquid systems to ensure low evaporation rates. ULV formulations need to be applied as fine droplets to assist with an even coverage and often spinning disc or air assisted equipment is used to facilitate this.

ULV formulations have the advantages of being easy to use as no dilution is required. The oil-based formulation aids rainfastness and they are renowned for their good penetration of the crop canopy. However, they do have the drawback of needing good weather for any external application.