Lab/Analytical Services

AgroSmart agrochemicals toll manufacturing expertise. Our customers rely on our technical know-how in developing, formulating, and packing agricultural and public health protection products.

Our bead milling facilities allow us to reduce particle size to optimise application, efficacy and product stability.

Stringent testing and analytics results in maximising quality, ensuring product stability and shelf-life.


Liquid Sprayable

SL – Soluble Concentrate

SC – Suspension Concentrate

ULV – Ultra-low volume liquid

EC – Emulsifiable Concentrate

ME – Micro-emulsion

SE – Suspo-Emulsion

EW – Emulsion, oil in water

EO – Emulsion, water in oil

FS – Flowable concentrate for seed treatment

Soluble Concentrate

A soluble concentrate is a clear solution to be applied as a solution after dilution in water. Soluble concentrates are based on either water or a solvent mixture which is completely miscible in water. The advantages of a soluble concentrate are that they are easy to dilute in water and because they are water-based and have no flammability risk. There are certain disadvantage to SL’s such as they can require surfactant wetters for ease of spreading on leaves. They can also be corrosive to metals and can become unstable at low temperatures.